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Enhancing Digital Marketing for Birmingham Royal Ballet

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  • Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) is a prestigious ballet company based in Birmingham, UK with a strong focus on national and international tours. With a rich history and reputation for artistic excellence, BRB aims to captivate audiences with world-class performances.

  • BRB approached us with a specific challenge: to boost their online presence, ticket sales, and audience engagement through a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. The objective was to leverage various online platforms – including Google Paid Search, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and display advertising – to attract a broader and more diverse audience across multiple shows, performances, and locations.

  • We devised a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy to address BRB's challenges:

    Comprehensive Audience Analysis

    We conducted an in-depth analysis of BRB's existing audience demographics and behaviour. This helped us identify potential target segments that had shown interest in ballet or related performing arts.

    Platform-Specific Campaigns

    • Google Paid Search: We implemented a highly targeted Google Ads campaign, using relevant keywords and ad extensions to capture users actively searching for ballet performances, tickets, and related terms.  This not only involved optimising their Google Ad Grant account, but also producing a strategy to harvest interest in a broader range of keyword search terms.
    • Social Media Advertising on Meta platforms (Facebook & Instagram): Leveraging the visual nature of ballet, we created visually stunning ads to showcase BRB's performances. We utilised Meta’s precise audience targeting to reach users based on interests, demographics, and behaviour to reach the right audience at the right time, and amplify the effectiveness of other marketing activities.
    • YouTube: We produced an engaging video content strategy, including trailers, behind-the-scenes snippets, and dancer interviews, to showcase BRB's artistic excellence. YouTube TrueView ads were used to engage users who were already watching dance-related content whilst also using pre-roll ads to complement their offline marketing activity.
    • Display Advertising: Through strategic partnerships with relevant websites and networks, we placed eye-catching dynamic banner ads on websites and platforms frequented by individuals interested in arts, culture, and entertainment.

      Remarketing and Custom Audiences

      We implemented remarketing campaigns across all the previously mentioned channels to re-engage users who had previously visited BRB's website but did not complete a ticket purchase. Custom audience segments were created based on various user interactions, allowing us to tailor messages and offers to specific audience subsets.

      Performance Tracking and Optimization

      We constantly monitored the performance of each campaign, tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per conversion. This data guided ongoing optimization efforts, ensuring that budget allocation and targeting strategies were aligned with campaign goals.


Our comprehensive digital marketing campaign yielded impressive results for Birmingham Royal Ballet:

  • Increased Online Visibility: Over 4 million impressions across all paid campaigns for Birmingham Royal Ballet.
  • Enhanced Audience Diversity: The number of website visitors aged 18-24 increased by 23%.
  • Boosted Ticket Sales: Through our strategic campaigns, BRB experienced a notable increase in online ticket sales, helping to fill more seats for their performances. Sales from paid media increased by over 22%.
  • Higher Engagement: The engaging video content on YouTube garnered substantial views and interactions, contributing to a 45% increase in the engagement rate over the time of all campaigns.
  • Cost-Efficient Campaigns: By continuously optimising campaigns based on performance data, we achieved an increase in ROI by 43% over the course of all campaigns.

Tangible results from a tailored, multi-platform execution

Our collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet showcased the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms. By tailoring our approach to each platform's strengths and audience behaviours, we not only increased online visibility but also translated that visibility into tangible results, including enhanced ticket sales, audience diversification, and increased engagement.

23% Increase in number of website visitors aged 18-24

22% Increase in sales from paid media

45% Increase in engagement rate