A Day in the Life

Vipen Mahay

October 19, 2020

Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Made Media?

I’m a Full Stack Developer and part time nerd, with interests such as astronomy and gaming. Oh, and I’m also an amateur archer and photographer.

What made you want to pursue your chosen career path and job role?

Dumb luck. I was flipping through a University prospectus and thought Computer Science sounded interesting… Turns out, I love it.

What would you say are the main skills you need within your job role?

Not a skill, but I’d recommend that big foam enter key you can buy to relieve stress. (Google it and thank me later.)

What's your favourite thing about working at Made? (If anything) 

The people. Really nice bunch. Also the (pre-Covid) outings. 

What was the last play/film you went to see?

Red Shoes courtesy of Made - brilliant performance at The Hippodrome.

What's your favourite movie quote? 


What's your hidden talent or party trick? 

I can become a lot more attractive by the end of the night.

If a new person was to join us at Made Media what advice would you give them?

Bring more sea monkeys - ours died.

Who would play you in the film or your life and why? 

Kunal Nayyar/Dev Patel/Kumail Nanjiani - Why? I’ll let you figure it out.