• We’re experts in using digital design practices to meet users’ needs and goals. We work with creative and cultural brands on projects ranging from whole website or product redesigns, to dedicated design sprints focused on specific user journeys. We’re informed by user research, data, and a deep understanding of the requirements of digital audiences, as well as the strategies and objectives of our clients.

    User Analysis and Research

    We have a wealth of experience working in the creative and cultural sectors, which allows us to carefully target our user analysis and research. Using data from analytics tools as well as direct user research, we can build accurate pictures of users’ goals and needs for each product we design.

    Information Architecture 

    Through analysis of your existing Information Architecture, and user research, we can help you review and design an effective, user-friendly IA that helps users navigate your website or app. Our sector-specific experience means that we can help unpick tricky issues around events and other experiential products that often have complex offerings and require special consideration when they’re modelled digitally.


    Wireframes are a great tool early in the design process to focus on the hierarchy of information and content requirements. Our wireframing process also allows us to work through key user journeys in an iterative manner, and provides a collaborative method for different disciplines to contribute creative, operational, or technical expertise to the final product.

    Interactive Prototyping

    Interactive prototypes allow us to validate ideas and concepts, and bring these ideas to life before kicking off development. It enables our clients to see how the new product will benefit the user, and it highlights any areas for further focus or design.

    Digital Brand Development

    The visual presentation of digital products is hugely important for creative and cultural businesses, because it’s a vital way of differentiating the intangible value of their offering to their users. We can work with legacy brands, new brands, and everything in between to develop a digital presence that feels exciting, inviting, and reflects the essence of the brand.

    Content Design

    It’s important to match content to the layout and design of pages, and our designers will work with your content creators to ensure that the right content appears in the right places for the right people.

    Usability Testing

    Usability testing is key to improving the user experience. We’re experienced at running tests that aim to uncover how effectively your new designs meet your users' needs. 

    Pattern Library

    Patterns libraries bring digital designs to life, and act as a reference source for digital brands. They’re a reusable and comprehensive set of design elements, styled to the client’s brand, out of which product screens and pages will subsequently be built.