A Day in the Life

Linda Yu

March 24, 2023

Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Made Media?

I’m a Digital Producer, which basically means I translate needs between various groups, keep projects running smoothly, and constantly prune my email inbox. Think of the role as being like the Greek god Hermes, except I call performing tasks for the Pantheon “deliverables” and refer to Zeus as a “client.”

Outside of work I enjoy deep dives into niche subjects, Russian literature, Japanese pro-wrestling, and wide-legged trousers.

What made you want to pursue your chosen career path and job role?

I’ve had a rather eclectic professional life — previously I've worked in real estate, for an airline, on a newsletter, and as a book designer — but after I went back to college in my twenties and started thinking about my future, I decided to look for a career based on what I valued. Ultimately, what I really appreciate about working at Made is that I can be involved with meaningful projects for organisations involved in the arts — which I care deeply about.

What would you say are the main skills you need within your job role?

Good judgement about scale and priorities. Liberal use of the “remind me about this later” button in Slack. Extreme pessimism about deadlines, but equal optimism about human ingenuity.


What's your favourite thing about working at Made?

Something interesting happens every day; whether a monarch’s death or a busy season on-sale. I also love how everyone at Made has their own creative projects outside of work, it makes talking to them every day enriching. 


What was the last performance/concert/film you went to see? 

The last performance I saw was Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the Royal Opera House. The last film I saw was Jacques Tati’s Playtime — which I re-watch every time I contemplate moving to a bigger city.


What's your favourite movie quote? 

“Maybe someday your 'maker' will come…haul you away, take you apart, and announce the recall of a defective product. What if all that's left of the 'real you' is just a couple of lonely brain cells, huh?” — Ghost in the Shell


What's your hidden talent or party trick? 

I can do a double lutz. (My dream — likely never to be achieved due to global warming — is to one day participate in the Elfstedentocht.)


If a new person was to join us at Made Media what advice would you give them?

Find comedy in the mundane and you’ll have fun constantly.


Who would play you in the film or your life and why? 

At the rate things are going, it won’t matter since they’ll just deepfake me onto the actor. If I got to choose… former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Apparently she’s hiding out in England and needs a job.