James Baggaley


Jake Grimley

Chair / Co-Founder

James Demetriadi

Finance and Business Operations Director

Michaela Drapes

Head of Strategy

Andrew Shuttleworth

Executive Producer

Karan Mahay

Head of Client Services

Rachel Arundel

Studio Manager

Stef Grindley

Head of Design

Leo Thornton

Head of Development

Mahendra Rai

Lead Developer

Chris Tusciuk

Technical Consultant

Sam Marshall

Lead Devops Engineer

Darren Strait

Devops Engineer

Lisa Hughes

Operations Coordinator

Andrew Fletcher

Digital Analyst

AK Connor

Marketing Lead

Hiren Patel

Principal Developer

Lee Bradley

Senior Web Developer

Vipen Mahay

Senior Web Developer

Adam Stewart

Design Lead

Emily Nicholls


Sam O'Neill

Front-end Developer

Ashley Howard

Front-end Developer

Krystle Kline

Digital Producer

Grayson Price

Digital Producer

Willie Kuo

Digital Producer

Linda Yu

Digital Producer

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