• Made creates technology solutions that connect with audiences and achieve results for our clients. We work with a variety of platforms to create solutions that scale, are performant, and are capable of handling complex functional, data, and technical requirements. 

    Website Development

    We craft responsive, beautifully designed sites for creative and cultural brands. We specialise in working with organisations that have complex product offerings, multiple brands, or many stakeholders, to create websites that meet ambitious objectives.

    App and Product Development

    We make digital products for a range of platforms, including mobile apps and self-service kiosks. Our team can help you choose the right approach for your business, and work with you to create and then deploy the product across different app stores and in-venue physical infrastructure.

    Ticketing and CRM Integration

    We are experienced system integrators, particularly with third-party ticketing and CRM platforms. We have a ten-year history of working on Tessitura integrations, for some of the world’s largest cultural organisations. We also have experience of working with Spektrix, SRO, Salesforce, and other ticketing and CRM software.

    Cloud Hosting

    Made hosts almost every website we create using Amazon Web Services. This often includes a transaction path that needs to stand up to heavy load. We regularly handle peak traffic events for seasons like the BBC Proms and LA’s Hollywood Bowl, and we can support you through load testing and security reviews to give you confidence that your sales will proceed smoothly.


    Made is a Silverstripe Professional Partner, and we’ve been building websites using Silverstripe since 2011. Silverstripe is a great fit for creative and cultural organisations as it’s powerful, easy to use, built for the responsive web, and integrates nicely with other systems using modern web architectural patterns and practice.


    BlocksOffice is Made’s Tessitura middleware product. BlocksOffice powers the ticketing paths of some of the largest arts and cultural organisations around the world. It’s an out-of-the-box ticketing path that allows extensive customisation and the ability to rewrite or customise every screen in the purchase path to meet particular client needs.


    MonkeyWrench is an integration service for connecting Tessitura with Mailchimp. MonkeyWrench syncs Tessitura constituent records with Mailchimp subscriber data, allowing you to use Mailchimp not just for email delivery, but as a powerful marketing and automation platform. Find out more at monkeywrench.works 


    CrowdHandler is virtual waiting room software. CrowdHandler directs your customers to an online waiting room to protect your website from crashing during periods of heavy traffic. Find out more at crowdhandler.com