• SeatCurve powers seat selection for performing arts institutions all over the world, including for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Royal Albert Hall, Glyndebourne, and Arts Centre Melbourne.


    SeatCurve is a mobile-first select-your-own-seat application, supporting common mobile user interface conventions such as pinch-and-zoom. It is designed to take over the whole screen so users on mobile devices aren't disadvantaged by popups or frames.

    User Centred

    SeatCurve supports a range of user-friendly features, such as view from seat images, seat editing, and more. You can also enable a range of features such as colour-coding of seats by price, assigning icons to seat types or hold codes, and enabling accessible/ADA seating features, including capturing accessibility requirements via CSIs.

    Easy Implementation

    Using our full documentation, web developers can take our packaged code and be up-and-running in a few days. We also have an easy installation route for TNEW users, with no coding required. A range of feature flags, outlined in the documentation, allow you to configure the settings available to users on the front end, including tools such as date-switching, price filtering and more. You can also pass in rules such as ticket limits to prompt messaging on the SYOS screen.

    Limitless Possibilities

    SeatCurve's seatmaps themselves are created as SVG files, meaning any graphic designer can create fully flexible seat maps following any design you require. You can also create mixed reserved seating/general admission facilities to support venues with standing areas or other more complex requirements.

    Brand Focused

    As a digital agency that has created scores of websites for performing arts institutions around the world, we know the importance of brand, and as a result SeatCurve can be easily styled to match the look-and-feel of the rest of your purchase path.

    Customisable and Extensible

    If the out-of-the-box tools in SeatCurve don't cover all of your requirements, we can work with you and your developers to extend the functionality of SeatCurve. This includes consultation to ensure that the SYOS will work effectively in more complex paths such as flex package user flows. 

    More Information

    If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch with the Made Media team.