Access and Inclusion is one of our core values.

It is important that access to the experiences our clients provide is equitable and inclusive. This means we emphasise diversity and inclusion not only in our workforce, but also in our approach to the products we create and the solutions we provide.

We affirm our commitment to anti-racism, diversity, and accessibiity , and to creating a culture that welcomes and amplifies the voices of all races, ethnicities, and cultural identities. We will continue to listen, learn, and make the changes needed to meet this commitment.

  • Our Purpose is to connect people with cultural moments and shared experiences in order to bring communities together and change lives for the better.

    We design and produce creative digital solutions for world-leading cultural, entertainment and experience-led brands. We enable our clients to connect with the world; sharing their ideas, events and passions with as many people as possible. That is our mission.

  • In the way we treat our people, and people who might work with us…

    • We regularly review our recruitment policies and procedures in order to ensure we are using inclusive language, encouraging applications from a wide and diverse range of candidates, and preventing conscious and unconscious biases from affecting who is offered an interview for any role.
    • We engage with groups and communities that promote the under-represented in the sectors in which we work when we advertise available roles and work experience opportunities. We will always pay anyone who interns with or wants work experience with us, unless prohibited by the terms of the work experience programme (e.g., school-based work experience).
    • We make sure that no physical or access barriers will stop someone from interviewing or taking a job at Made. This includes ensuring appropriate access technologies are available, that prospective employees understand their rights, and that we are clear about our flexibility on working location, commitment to travel, and working hours.
    • We provide flexible options for the parents, guardians, and carers in our team. We keep our policies around leave for maternity, paternity, adoption, and other caring responsibilities under regular review. You can find out more about our current policies and leave allowances on our careers page.
    • We support apprenticeships for various roles across our team, including technical and non-technical roles. These are publicly and widely advertised, and will always be listed on our careers page.

    In the way that we work and deliver products and services to our clients…

    • We follow best-practice product inclusion guidelines, based on work by Google’s product inclusion team. This frames product inclusion around four key pillars of product strategy, culture, access, and accessibility. Wherever possible we use this framework to develop our and our clients’ own understanding of digital product inclusion.
    • Wherever possible, we work with digital users who have a wide range of access and accessibility requirements when testing our product, rather than trying to simulate testing by people who do not use these technologies on a day-to-day basis. In other words, we attempt to test and develop inclusive products in authentic collaboration with users who have varied accessibility needs.
    • We work with our clients to provide a safe space for their teams and ours to challenge effectively, safely, and confidently. This involves creating an environment where everyone can have access (through technology, location choices etc.) and everyone can contribute.

    In the way we encourage representation and reflect diverse cultures…

    • Our team is encouraged to include a declaration of their preferred pronouns, if they’d like to, and in the way that they would prefer. We also acknowledge that not everyone has pronouns that they do prefer.
    • We encourage everyone in the team to contribute to our diversity strategy, and more importantly to voice their ideas, inspirations, and concerns to senior leaders in the business.
    • We seek to sponsor and support events that encourage diversity in the tech and cultural sectors.
    • If we’re asked to speak at an event, we’ll agree only if the speaker list is representative of society at large: this should mean 50% of the speakers and presenters should be women, and a diverse representation of speakers depending on the country where the event is taking place.
    • We are signatories to the Tech Talent Charter and report our progress on diversifying our technical teams on an annual basis.

    In the way we hold ourselves to account…

    • We will develop the way we collect and report on information related to the diversity of our teams. 
    • We currently collect this information as part of our HR reporting systems, and this happens in a relatively limited way (currently reporting on gender, age and ethnicity) and is not held for all employees. We will seek to expand and augment this data, including on other important characteristics of diversity.
    • We will also start to collect this information, anonymised, from the people who apply for jobs with us, to build a better profile of how our strategies to encourage diverse applications are working. 
    • We will start to publish information related to the diversity of our management team.