• MonkeyWrench, from Made Media, is an integration service that synchronises data between your Tessitura constituent database, and your Mailchimp email marketing audience.

    Once given access to your REST API, MonkeyWrench monitors your constituents for changes to personal information, purchases and donations and updates. New data is synchronized daily.


    Key Tessitura attributes are imported by MonkeyWrench so that they are ready to use as merge tags in Mailchimp. Tailor your communications for better results. Use built-in Mailchimp features to test and refine your email campaigns.

    Segment in Mailchimp

    You can pull together segments in Mailchimp based on key data from Tessitura, including constituent codes, preferences, ticket and contribution history. You can also combine these with information in Mailchimp — like email engagement and website integration data — to build even more powerful campaigns.

    Pull together emails with ease

    Mailchimp’s best-in-class visual editor allows you to pull together rich email designs quickly and easily. Because MonkeyWrench imports your productions from Tessitura, titles, images and links are ready to go. Preformed panels with ready-linked calls to action can be dragged into position. No link checking required.

    Make personal recommendations

    Mailchimp will analyse the patterns in your customer’s purchase and web browsing behavior to make personalized recommendations. Personalized recommendations blocks can be pulled into any email. Or you can schedule regular personalized performance listings.

    Date-based automations

    MonkeyWrench imports next and last attendance dates so that you can schedule automated reminders or post performance follow ups, or remind someone when their membership needs renewing.

    Abandoned carts

    Through Mailchimp’s ecommerce integration, you can set up email automation workflows to boost conversion, such as automatically emailing users when they abandon a cart on your website, or setting up a series of welcome emails when they first sign up with you.

    Go beyond email

    Use Mailchimp to place Facebook and Google Ads. Your performance content is already imported and ready to go.

For more information, and for pricing details, please contact us via our MonkeyWrench micro-site.