A Quick Start Guide to MonkeyWrench

Get up-and-running quickly with our Tessitura-to-Mailchimp connector.

July 13, 2022

Considering an unexpected change to your email marketing platform? We have some answers that can help.

Getting set up with our Tessitura-aware Mailchimp connector MonkeyWrench can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of your setup – we need to connect to your Tessitura and do some testing and training.

However, if your organization is in a place where you’re thinking of making an urgent change, it’s good to remember that the MonkeyWrench connector supplements existing data in Mailchimp, so you can start using Mailchimp right now and then connect it up to Tessitura later.

Here are some high level items to consider if you want to get up-and-running to send emails quickly:

  • You can set up a Mailchimp account straight away, online. We’re happy to help with this process.
  • You can also import data manually to this new account from Tessitura right away, using CSV import. You could be up and running and sending emails within hours.
  • If you start sending and find that Mailchimp works for your organization and decide you want it to be your solution going forward, we can install MonkeyWrench afterwards, matching users you’ve imported via CSV based on email addresses and supplementing with the Tessitura data you need to run automations and more complex email campaigns.
  • One word of caution, though! We would recommend taking it slow as you import contacts into Mailchimp and start sending campaigns. Mailchimp may flag accounts that suddenly import hundreds of thousands of accounts and start sending straight away because they justifiably guard the reputation of their email delivery IPs. If you have smaller sends you can do first (up to 10k on the first send), and then build up to your full list over a couple of weeks, that is likely to be the best approach.

Find out more at https://monkeywrench.works. If you’d like a quick demo of MonkeyWrench and find out if it could work for you, you can schedule a demo here.